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  Welcome -  Thanks for dropping by. Come on in. Have a look around. The web masters and I are very proud of all the improvements that we've made. I hope you enjoy your visit and find my site an interesting and fun place to visit.  Please feel free to drop by as often as you'd like, you're always welcome. Mi casa, su casa.

                                                                                        Gil Gerard

Please Note:  Mr. Gerard is unable to respond to autograph requests sent to his contact address.  Autographs are available

for purchase through the Autograph Store.  Items sent to Mr. Gerard at his contact address will be returned at his discretion

if proper postage has been provided.  Please check with the post office for proper postage.


For those of you who have been asking about a retro Wilma Deering

figure - ask no more!!  Our friends at GO HERO have the figure you’ve

been looking for! For more information and a direct link to GO HERO’s

Wilma Deering page, head to our Autograph Store!

Gil’s new GREY T-shirt has been added to the Autograph Store!

Gil introduced them at his appearance in Colorado Springs and

supplies are going fast!  These new shirts are made from “Soft-Spun”

material and are softer and more awesome than ever!

                                         We have a VERY limited supply of

                                          Custom Buck Rogers Pop Funkos

                                           available in the Autograph Store